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National Fox Welfare Society: Free Treatment For Mange in Foxes | Fox Information | Injured Fox | Sick Fox | Poorly Fox | mange-treatment-for-foxes
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Free Mange Treatment

If you would like to get involved with the work of the National Fox Welfare Society why not fill in the form below and email it to us by pressing the submit button.

Depending on the choices you have selected we will get back to you. As we operate a 24 hr service please be realistic about the times you are available.

If you have anything else you would like to add or ask please include these questions in your email to us.

In anticipation of your support .... Thank you

Become a Fox Rescuer for the National Fox Welfare Society

AND HELP FOXES Active Support

Ways you can help

To treat a fox with Sarcoptic Mange we would try first to treat it in its own environment if the mange is less than 50% hair loss with no open sores and other complications like conjunctivitis. We do this by sending out free mange treatment.for foxes  In some cases we need to cage trap the fox so we can bring it in to treat. Foxes with over 50% hair loss suffering from mange can also have other complications that could lead to death if it is not treated.

Trappers: We need volunteers in all areas who would be willing to spare a few hours a week setting cage traps and moving cage traps to gardens where we need to catch a fox with life threatening injuries or illnesses though still mobile. Areas we are desperate for cage trappers are Birmingham, London all areas, Essex all areas, Middlesex. So if you can help, please do fiill out our form on the right.

Fosters for fox cubs: Each year we deal with abandoned and orphaned fox cubs, in one of our busiest years we dealt with over 300! What we need in all areas of the country are experienced people who have the time to foster fox cubs that will need bottle feeding every 3 - 4 hours and provide general care for these orphans until they reach the age they can be moved on to the next stage of their release back to the wild.

Safe release sites for a family of fox cubs: Have you got the facilities to take on a family of orphaned fox cubs for release.  A secure outbuilding where the fox cubs can stay to acclimatise to their new area prior to release. A site that once they are released that is safe and away from hunting in any form? If you answered yes please do fill out the form right.

Fox Rescuer: We need rescuers across the country who would be willing, when able, to go out to an injured or sick fox, who would also be willing to set cage traps and get involved in most of the activities around rescuing a fox. We equip all our rescuers with the equipment needed. We prioritise equipping rescuers first in our busiest areas. When filling out the form please do be as honest as possible as to the times you are available. We operate 24 hrs a day, so if you get up for work for six in the morning you wont want us to be calling you at four!

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Mange Treatment information | Mange Treatment Advice | Free Mange Treatment

For more Mange Treatment  information and or Mange Treatment Advice regarding the free mange treatment we send out please see our page by clicking on the link above on our Sarcoptic Mange, Canine Mange, Fox Mange website

How you can help foxes with mange

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