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Mange Occurrence in the fox population of the UK

Every day, of every week of every month and every year, we have recorded every individual case of foxes suffering from Sarcoptic Mange reported to us.

Not only can we provide a visual reference in the form of UK maps but we can also show monthly occurrences of foxes with mange across the country.

Within our Sarcoptic Mange / Canine Mange web site we have included this information for your reference click here to see the section titled

(Mange Occurrence). You may have seen a fox that you believe is a fox suffering from mange but are unsure if Sarcoptic mange is present in your area. We also hope that our FAQ  on Sarcoptic mange section

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Sarcoptic Mange/ Canine Mange

Information And Treatment For Foxes with Mange

These images left show Zorro a fox cub, over an eight week period, recovering from a severe case of Sarcoptic Mange.

In 2011, NFWS continues to lead the way forward in eliminating Sarcoptic mange / canine Mange in foxes across the UK.  

Sarcoptic Mange / Canine Mange / Fox Mange is a terrible condition that left untreated will see the death of the infected fox. We believe that if a condition can be treated then it should be, regardless of whether the householder is unwilling, or unable to pay for the treatment. If you have seen a fox with mange and would be willing to provide food (in the form of a jam or honey sandwiches each night), the treatment can be sent to you free of charge. To receive mange treatment and an information leaflet, please click on the Sarcoptic Mange Treatment link ( Top  Left ). If you are able to make a donation, please do so, we rely solely on public support.

We are not advocating a diet of Jam or Honey sandwiches for the UK fox population. This is merely a vehicle for the treatment. Foxes love anything sweet, the local cat population usually doesn’t. So by putting the mange drops into something sweet, we know it will be the fox that takes it, not the cats.

To give an indication of the commitment of the National Fox Welfare Society, in an average week, we can send out, free of charge between 70 - 100 bottles of treatment.

Quick Links to Mange Web Site

Sarcoptic Mange / Canine Mange / Fox Mange

Visit our foxy mange website for mange treatment and to see where the mange is occurring in the UK, some photographs of foxes suffering from varying degrees of mange, peoples letters who have successfully treated foxes with mange. We also have a FAQ for mange plus lots of information to help foxes suffering from mange.

Sarcoptic Mange Home page:   Sarcoptic Mange Information 1:    Sarcoptic Mange info 2:

Sarcoptic Mange info 3:    Sarcoptic Mange Occurrence:     Sarcoptic Mange Treatment:

Sarcoptic Mange Your Letters:    Sarcoptic Mange FAQ:    Sarcoptic Mange Photo Gallery

Foxes with Sarcoptic Mange

Not all mange in foxes starts at the base of the tail and works its way up the rest of the body, whilst it’s common, it’s not the rule. Click on any of the two photographs below to see a larger photograph of how  Sarcoptic Mange, wrongly termed ‘Fox Mange’ can affect foxes.

In the fox photographed below (photographs copyright to Stefan Nahajski) you can see the mange possibly started on the foxes legs. This causes great irritation to the fox so it often bites the affected areas, this causes the mange to spread to the face. Mange treatment has been sent out to treat this fox

Sarcoptic Mange Information

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Mange Information

If you are able to make a donation thank you. It will ensure we will still be able to send out this free treatment to people who are willing to help the foxes in their gardens, but are unable to afford to purchase it.

Sarcoptic Mange / Canine Mange Index

Frequently asked Questions

What causes fox mange?

How can I tell the difference between a fox with mange or a fox moulting?

Can my dog catch mange?

Why do you send out an homeopathic Treatment for mange in foxes when there is conventional treatment available?

What other symptoms apart from hair loss should we look out for?

How long will it take in captivity to cure a fox?

Can I catch Scabies from an infected fox or dog?

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Cure For Sarcoptic Mange

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Just click here to send us a donation. This donation will be spent sending out treatment for foxes suffering from Sarcoptic Mange

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