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The story of Phil the fox from South London and how one man called Peter saved his life. Phil was suffering very badly with Sarcoptic Mange and was very emaciated. This little fox needed help. The video above explains how Peter managed to catch little Phil so we could take him on for the aftercare and treatment for his mange. To see all the photos of Phil and his full story please visit our Facebook Page here:

Angelica the fox with Sarcoptic Mange Bugsy the fox with Sarcoptic Mange Molly the fox with Sarcoptic Mange

Molly the fox with Sarcoptic Mange

Bugsy the fox with Sarcoptic Mange

Angelica the fox with Sarcoptic Mange

The video above gives some facts about Sarcoptic Mange and also shows how quickly the mange mites can move and what they look like alive and under the microscope using different magnifications.

Sarcoptic Mange in the Red Fox

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