To save our costs when requesting mange treatment please download your instructions booklet (link on the right of this page) , but be sure to tell us you have so we don’t include another one. Thank you

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Free Mange Treatment

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Free fox mange treatment Cage trapping foxes with really bad mange |  Please see our page on how you can get the Free Mange treatment we provide for foxes.

If you have requested mange treatment this should be with you in a couple of days with full instructions. If you have requested a cage trap, we will contact you once a cage trap is available in your area.

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Cage trapping foxes with really bad mange

The treatment we send out is usually effective for foxes suffering from Sarcoptic Mange with 50% or less hair loss. If the fox is in the condition like the above, then we set a cage trap to try and catch the fox to bring it in to treat them using conventional medicine. If treatment is successful, usually taking about 7 - 8 weeks, the fox will always be returned to the garden where he/she was caught. If you have any questions please do include them on the form left.

Please Note:

When the form below has been submitted correctly, the form will go blank. This means we have your details and will send out the treatment as soon as we are able. If you do not receive the treatment within a couple of days, please do not come back and fill in another request form and or email or leave a message on our recorded number for treatment, as often it means we will send several packs to the same address.

Please ensure all details are included on the form. Please do not just give a house number plus postcode as this means we have to then spend more time looking up the street address. The treatment we send out is a homeopathic remedy we have been sending out free of charge for over 25 years and we get continued reports of how effective this remedy is. If you do not believe in homeopathic remedies, please do not request the treatment and or send us a message informing us as to why we shouldn’t be sending this out. You are of course entitled to your opinion, but please remember, so are we. Please also note we will not use your details in any sales, marketing etc but we do use postcodes for plotting mange occurrence.

Finally can we ask that no correspondence is sent to HSBC ie empty bottles, donations, letters etc. Thank you

Free Mange Treatment For Foxes and Mange Treatment Advice

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Visit our foxy mange website for Free mange treatment and to see where the mange is occurring in the UK, some photographs of foxes suffering from varying degrees of mange, peoples letters who have successfully treated foxes with mange. We also have a FAQ for mange plus lots of information to help foxes suffering from mange.

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